If you are thinking of selling your home the first step is a marketing valuation. Many agents will say these are free – but if the property is then not placed FOR SALE with that agent then they will then send you an invoice for the valuation. At Sapphire Homes, these are completely free of charge with no obligation to go ahead with the sale should our services not sound appealing to you. Our valuers with over 40 years combined experience of valuing property in the Wigan area would be delighted to visit your property and advise you on the achievable sale value of your property and how our marketing process can look to achieve this. They can also answer any questions you may have in order to make the sale of your home as stress free as possible. At Sapphire Homes we pride ourselves on customer service and should you not be happy with what we offer then throughout the contract you are entitled to serve a 28 day notice period should you wish to place your property on the market with an alternative agent. We are confident of performing against any other agent and if you want invaluable, independent advice, then please do not not hesitate to give a member of our team a call now. Our independent and extensive expertise allows us to make sure the advice we offer is always right for you.

Trained and motivated staff.

Selling can be a stressful time for you. One of our friendly, knowledgeable agents will guide you right through the process. They’re trained in all areas of property sales, so you will never feel like you’re alone. All of our team are from the Wigan locality and we have some of the best estate agents in the area and we also firmly believe that the local knowledge our team members possess is extremely valuable in the property market. Knowing exactly what certain areas can offer, in terms of schools, transport links and other local amenities is an asset of which we’re rightly proud.

Free marketing advice

Of course, when you sell your home, you’ll have expectations as to how much you will achieve and how long this will take. One of our first steps is to offer you a marketing plan to achieve those expectations and each strategy can be tailored to suit each home owner.

Regular communication

At such an important time, you like to know what’s going on. With your own personal point of contact, you’ll never get overlooked or forgotten and will have clear channels of communication. We welcome all home owners to feel very much part of the process, with updates and advice on hand throughout the transaction, by email, phone social media, text messaging or even coming into our brand new office. This applies out of hours also as we know how communication is important even when the office has closed. 

Feedback after viewings

It’s important and helpful to know just what people think of your home in order to make small improvements if it can help you clinch the sale. So whenever we arrange viewings, we’ll make sure their comments get back to you either by email or with a phone call. We feel that this is a key part of sales as that feedback may be something you feel can enhance the possibility of selling on the next viewing and resolving anything in advance that another prospective purchaser may find not suitable for their needs. 

Legalities of Selling your home.

You can rely on Sapphire Homes to handle the legalities of selling your home as we know this can be a daunting prospect. We know exactly what this entails & we’ll smooth the way for you. We work in conjunction with a number of solicitors who provide very competitive prices as a result of the business relationship we have together & they’ll make the selling process smooth & simple and at competitive price. There’s no danger of being stung by hidden costs, as we guarantee our fees so there are no unforeseen expenses.

Market appraisal report.

You’ll be glad to know that, from the moment we first visit your home, we’re thinking about selling it for you. You will receive marketing advice as well as a detailed outline of how we intend to get your home noticed and then sold for best possible price. 

The best possible price.

Sapphire Homes take pride in achieving the best possible prices for our vendors that the market is prepared to pay. We regularly assess the suppy and demand in the close locality to our properties listed for sale and use this when negotiating with potential purchasers when advising our clients. We remain realistic and do all that is within our powers to ensure your property has the greatest number of viewings from a relevant target audience. We will give your property the time and effort that it deserves to ensure you are happy with the sale following completion. 

Colour particulars

A picture can say a thousand words, so it’s important they say the right words to prospective purchasers. Full colour particulars of your home will be sent for you to approve and upon request all amendments made so that you are happy with the listing. These will ensure that the attributes and selling features of your home ranging from kitchens to bedrooms, lounges to lawns are all accurately detailed and showcasing your home in the correct way. 

Sapphire Homes

Professional photographs

You’ll want us to take high quality pictures of your property. As part of our standard service, we always use a top of the range digital camera to ensure the best results. We use Nikon DSLR with a range of high specification Sigma lenses and flashes to ensure we capture the best shot of your home. Photos are then transferred to web portals in High Definition and never reduced in quality.

Floorplans, Video Tour

Sapphire Homes can arrange the 2D and 3D floorplans to be completed on your property as well as creating a video tour from the photography which will also be showcased on your listing as well as our own YouTube channel. Floorplans are a key part of selling a property and can often elimate poor leads as the potential purchaser is in receipt of all the knowledge of rooms sizes and the property layout before they even attend the property.

Energy Performance Certificate

Sapphire Homes are a very proactive estate agent and we work with a number of energy assessors in the Wigan and surrounding areas to ensure we get the best possible prices for our vendors and the reports are completed in a very swift manner ensuring there are no delays in getting your property to market.

Stand out from the Crowd

It is our job to ensure your property is seen by the greatest number of people. In doing so we employ a number of techniques to get your property noticed as we know it is important to try various methods to get potential buyers to look at your property. In fact, you might be surprised at just how many ways we have of getting people interested.

“For Sale“ board

The traditional method is not to be underestimated – it grabs the attention of a person passing the property and often leads directly to that all-important sale and our newly designed boards are certainly popular and increasingly on more and more properties. 

Window display

Would-be buyers are always on the look-out, especially on the high street, so our brand new town centre office in prominent location makes an ideal shop window for your property to be displayed. With A3 pocket lights, TV's displaying properties on rolling screens as well as one of the largest shop frontages in Wigan Town Centre we take pride in maintaining this traditional method of sale. Our particulars are all printed in colour and we only use High Definition Photography.

Sapphire Homes

Internet advertising

Experience tells us that certain properties benefit from more widespread exposure, or appearing in more specialist publications, which we can easily organise for you. The websites that we currently advertise on are www.sapphirehomes.co.uk, www.wiganproperty.co.uk, www.rightmove.co.uk, www.onthemarket.com, www.vebra.com as well as our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube). We are confident this level of exposure and marketing is more than sufficient to ensure we get you the best possible price for your home if a buyer were to find your property online. 

Social Media

We would be amazed if you can find another local agent in Wigan and North West that is as proactive on social media as we are. Millions of people use social media nationwide and we use the latest social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Youtube to display your property across the country and beyond. We network with businesses and locals in Wigan including all postal codes – WN1, WN2, WN3, WN4, WN5, WN6, WN7 and WN8. We also use the latest trends to ensure that people visit our social media page and therefore that they are able to see your property. You do not need to be able to use these sites as we do everything for you. However if you do use them you can share your property details with friends via your own account, increasing the number of people who will see your property is for sale. https://www.facebook.com/sapphire.homes is where you kind find us on www.facebook.com or you can find us on twitter via www.twitter.com/sapphirehomes

You can benefit from the latest technology

We’re always looking for new ways to let people know about your property. Making best use of the available technology is how we stay at the forefront of the market – and find you a buyer at the best possible price. Whether it is investment in new cameras, property apps, web portals, window displays - we will always remain ahead of our competition.


We will also try to stay as active in the market as possible and not wait for the buyer to come and find your property. The details of your home will also be emailed, sent by SMS or particulars posted to our extensive database of applicants in order to try and find a suitable buyer via our property match. Having a database for more than 10 years allows us to create the perfect marketing platform and access to potential buyers. 

How Much is Your Property Worth?

How Much is Your Property Worth?

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